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Give Up to Give

Give Up to Give

02.26.19 | Articles

    The Goal

    1. Raise $250,000 between Ash Wednesday - Easter Sunday (March 6 - April 21) to bring God’s Word to 4 “New Shoots people groups in South Asia.

    2. Provide portions of the New Testament to 176,660 people for the first time in their heart language.

    3. Commit to give any amount over and above your regular tithe and offering.

    Give to This Project

    God’s Word in Every Language

    Bible poverty—having no access to Scripture one can easily understand—is an overwhelming issue around the world. In partnership with Seed Company (a part of Wycliffe Global Alliance), through “Give Up to Give,” PCBC will invest in the work of Bible translation for 4 specific people groups who do not yet have the New Testament in their language.

    What Does Our Money Provide?

    The $250,000 we seek to raise will provide 21 experienced translators with the resources to work on 4 distinct language translations, focusing on portions of the New Testament.

    Who are the “New Shoots” People Groups?

    Living in densely forested hills in South Asia, this is the demographic breakdown of those we will be reaching. With your help we’ll be able to reach a total of 176,660 people! Learn more about "New Shoots" people groups.

    Ruk (86,000) | Tripura (85,000) | Kang (4,000) | Lo (1,660) *
    * For security reasons, names above are pseudonyms.


    How to Give

    By cash, check or credit card (special envelope available in worship, Connect Groups and info centers).

    Please make your gifts above your regular tithe/offering.

    Give to this Project Online


    Where Does the Money Go?

    Seed Company operates on an 81%/19% translation expense and administrative expense respectively. Below is a summary for how the 81% translation expense is broken down in relation to the New Shoots 2 project which runs through September 30, 2020.

    Park Cities Baptist Church and New Shoots 2

    First Bible Fund – A vision-based fund designed to provide financial resources on first Scripture projects prior to Seed Company investors being secured. This helps Bible translation projects to begin immediately following their approval from Seed Company field leadership.

    Field Project Management – Design, management, and reporting function of the project to make sure translation goals are achieved.

    Seed Company’s 19% administrative expense is allocated toward Seed Company overhead expenses, including fundraising expenses and other operational activities that assist and advance the work of Bible translation.


    How Bible Translation Works

    About the Seed Company

    The Seed Company

    The Seed Company is passionate about accelerating the translation of God’s Word in every heart language that needs it by 2025.

    Working with over 1400 global partners, they serve the local church by providing training, consulting, funding, and project management that leads to a meaningful, accurate translation in the local mother tongue. Thousands of prayer partners provide a solid foundation for the work. With over 2100 language groups without a single verse of Scripture.

    Seed Company Website

    About the New Shoots People

    2018 Annual Report

    2018 Financial Audit Data


    ECFA LogoThe Seed Company is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and complies fully with its rules for Christian ministries, including an annual independent financial audit. Read ECFA Standards


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