Generosity: A Journey

Generosity: A Journey

07.11.17 | Stories, Adults (40s-60s), Single Adults, Married Adults, Senior Adults, Connect, Adults (60s +)

    At PCBC, we believe that everything we have – our loved ones, our livelihoods, our possessions, our time, our talent, and our finances— are gifts from God. Because of Christ’s love, generosity is then an overflow of the heart and a lifestyle journey. Here are thoughts from the PCBC family about last fall’s Generosity survey and Journey of Generosity (JOG) workshop they took part in.

    God is a Generous God

    “I have a much richer picture of generosity than I had before. I see how
    Jesus both taught and lived whole-life generosity and that we should see our generosity as a way of life and not just a part of our Christian walk. It involves our money, time and talents but also the way we view God, the world and the people around us.

    “It reinforces and further clarifies PCBC’s value of Overflowing Generosity and really should be an integral part of all PCBC members’ lives. I would recommend anyone who wants to understand and live more generously to attend a JOG workshop.” – JANNA SHUFORD

    A heart Issue

    “When we attended the Journey of Generosity (JOG) study group,  we didn’t really know what to expect. What I remember most was how quickly people bonded through watching stories of inspired generosity and then having the time to ponder and share our own reflections and views.

    “The JOG helped me see that giving is not merely a financial issue, but more a heart issue. And that pure generosity is motivated and inspired by realizing and feeling God’s love for us and our fellow man. That we should seek to be creative, spontaneous, inspired, and bold with our generosity. That our generosity can help inspire others’ generosity. That God can use our unique giftedness and place in the world to magnify our generosity. Having a heart for others ... practicing being present so we are open to listening for the needs of others.

    “The Bible commands us to bear one another’s burdens. The Lord has offered me many opportunities to share my story and connect with others. So many blessings of friendship have resulted from this change in my thinking. At PCBC, we have so many ways to share our heart to bless others!” – LANIER MONK

    It’s not about raising funds, it’s about raising awareness

    “When my wife and I were first asked to join other couples in walking through the Journey of Generosity program, I was frankly skeptical and thought it was another fundraising effort. That all changed about 15 minutes into the presentation when I realized the ‘JOG’ was not about raising funds, it was about raising our awareness of what a generous lifestyle looks like. It looks like Jesus’ lifestyle: serving, meeting needs and bringing the joy of our salvation to those God leads us to. “

    The great thing about a generous lifestyle is that it is as individual as we are and allows each one of us to be generous in our own unique way with our own unique gifts and resources.” – BRIAN FANT

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