Core Value: Overflowing Generosity

03.14.17 | About

    Our values are simply how our beliefs about God, the world, and one another are lived out. Our values enable us to order our time, talent, resources, and passions in a way that glorifies God and blesses people. Here at Park Cities, we hold to five main core values. This post is all about one: Overflowing Generosity.

    What it Means

    God’s love for his people is abundant and free. Everything we have—our time, resources, energy, and possessions—is a gift of grace from God. This frees us from holding back or clinging to what we have, knowing that God intends us to use His gifts to share the Gospel with the world. We practice radical generosity not to earn God’s love, but because we already have it. Giving is simply a response of gratitude, an overflow from a heart brought to life through Christ 

    What it looks like in real life

    In 1989, Bob Herrera walked away from his successful career as an engineer to dedicate his life to full-time ministry. 

    “It was difficult. I had questions. But my wife said, ‘We can do this. You can do this.’ And we did.” 

    After serving for 12 years in the PCBC missions department, Bob discovered his personal calling. “One of the biggest areas of need is here in Dallas. Hard working people can’t pay their rent. They struggle to feed and clothe their children. That burdened my heart.” 

    Bob steered the alms ministry toward the Vickery community, only three miles from the church. The neighborhood is home to refugees, immigrants, and low-income residents. Fifty-two languages are spoken here, and Bob estimates 83-90 percent do not know Jesus. The ministry operates after-school programs and Bible studies for adults and children and has even helped plant two flourishing churches. 


    “We are going to make a difference here. We want people to accept Christ, but we also want to change their lives. We want to build stronger families.”

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