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Boomers & Senior Adults

Boomers & Senior Adults

Welcome to a vibrant community of adults 60 years and up! We come from the “Boomer” generation and know what it means to invest in our families, our churches, and our world. Our greatest desire is to continue serving and influencing both inside and outside of the church as we seek to follow Jesus every day.

This season of life provides a unique opportunity for senior adults to dedicate their time and energy to the life of the church in many vital ways. We value the joy of companionship through volunteering, gathering for regular worship, serving on mission trips, and much more.

Marriage CORE

PCBC offers an innovative marriage enrichment study called Marriage CORE that is Christ-centered, self-reflective, and relationally focused.

Marriage CORE

Meet the Staff

Judy Collins

Boomer/Sr. Adult Assistant

office: 214-860-1533

Barbara Loest

Boomer/Senior Adult and Prayer Associate

office: 214-860-1551

Rodney Schell

Executive Pastor

office: 214.860.1559