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Before “I Do”

Before “I Do”

07.11.17 | Stories, Single Adults, Family, Connect, Weddings & Funerals

    Marriage is a journey – a subplot in God’s unfolding narrative to restore a broken world. 

    At PCBC, we believe marriage is a gift that’s worth cultivating and preserving. And the work can begin long before the cake is cut.

    Through the long-time service of leaders Stephen and Christy Barnes; Jim and Phyllis Dahlgren; Bill and Jennifer McCann; and Mike and Carrie Castle, PCBC walks alongside couples to build the foundation for a strong and loving marriage built on Scriptural principles.

    The Barnes’ have been NearlyWed program directors since 2006 and with the class teachers have mentored about 500 couples.

    “They connect with one another because they are in the same stage of life. And our volunteers give realistic, Christ-centered examples of how to have an honorable marriage in a culture that leaves many disoriented and confused,” Christy shared.

    The goal of the NearlyWed seminar is to equip couples to love and serve one another through the joys and challenges of what will be the beginning of their lives together – exploring topics like expectations, conflict resolution, financial management, in-laws, intimacy, and more. A nationally recognized pre-marital inventory also helps couples assess strengths and weaknesses.

    Many couples say that the financial discussion alone is worth the entire seminar! All say that they entered their first year of marriage with a solid foundation and the skills to build on that platform.

    Investing in marriages is something PCBC takes seriously. Strong marriages produce strong families, churches and communities.

    Wayne and Donna Mason have led the NewlyWed Class since 1999. In years prior to that, they taught a young married Bible study. “Sadly, we had too many couples confide in us that they were contemplating divorce,” Wayne shared. “When we heard that we thought, what if we could have helped them earlier?” The Lord heard their heart and they have been teaching newlyweds ever since, encouraging them and giving them a strong foundation in that critical first year together. The Masons’ proven  curriculum has benefited close to 700 couples at PCBC, through honest and practical discussion.

    Scott and Carla Robinson, former department directors, have led “many years and many couples” along with their faithful teachers to encourage healthy habits like attending worship and Bible study and having close Christian friends. “They are the church of tomorrow,” said Carla. “I have great faith in them!”

    The weekly NewlyWed Class is just the beginning. Activities are held throughout the year to foster friendships and community, such as supper clubs, men’s and women’s nights, mission projects and retreats.

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