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Love Out Loud - February Sermon Series

As we follow Jesus every day, we seek to display the Gospel in and through our lives – by sharing Christ's love in word and deed. But the Gospel is Good News - and news is something that must be shared. In Love Out Loud, we will explore our one message and the many methods we can use to proclaim this Good News in everyday life. Every believer has encountered Jesus, so every believer has a story. You have a story and a style that God gave you to share His story with others – to LOVE OUT LOUD.

Evangelistic Style Questionnaire

During our message series, Pastor Jeff Warren invites you to learn more
about your personal evangelistic style by completing the Evangelistic Styles

Speaker Schedule

Date Ellis Chapel - 9:15 Sanctuary - 10:45 Great Hall - 9:15 & 10:45
Feb 26 Sam Holm Jeff Warren Jeff Warren (9:15)
Sam Holm(10:45)