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Easter Series

Join us for this landmark series of messages that will lead us to Resurrection Sunday. Dr. Warren and our teaching team will challenge us to embrace the cross, not just as our means of salvation, but as a way of living. As we walk through the sufferings of Christ through “the seven last words,” you will discover that each aspect of the cross must be carried by us as well. In fact, the very aspect of the cross we refuse to carry is the very aspect of our lives that makes us ineffective for the kingdom of God and is a source of trouble in our lives. As we explore the seven cries of Jesus from the cross, we will understand more fully what it means for us to carry our own cross today. Don’t miss a Sunday and invite a friend to this wonderful season of sacrifice and renewal.

A Personal Guide to Prayer & FastingA Personal Guide to Prayer & Fasting

Prayer is the first priority of the Park Cities Baptist Church. God is calling us to prayer in these days. Prayer is to the Christian what oxygen is to the lungs. God has given us the privilege of prayer so that we may know Him and know His will for our lives. He knows that we are unable to follow His path in the world apart from His power. It is through prayer that He is able to speak to us and hold us close to Him so that we might accomplish His will daily.

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Speaker Schedule

Date Great Hall - 9:15 & 10:45 Ellis Chapel - 9:15 Sanctuary - 10:45
Mar 5 Meet in Sanctuary Meet in Sanctuary Jeff Warren
Mar 12 Sam Holm (9:15)
RJ Holt (10:45)
RJ Holt Sam Holm
Mar 19

Travis Cook

Travis Cook

Jeff Warren

Mar 26 Meet in Sanctuary Meet in Sanctuary Bryan Carter
Apr 2 Jeff Warren (9:15)
Sam Holm (10:45)
Sam Holm Jeff Warren
Apr 9 Meet in Sanctuary Meet in Sanctuary Jeff Warren


Easter Schedule

Date Front Lawn Great Hall Sanctuary Gym
Apr 16 Jeff Warren (6:45 am) Sam Holm (8:00 am)
Sam Holm (9:15 am)
Sam Holm (10:45 am)
Jeff Warren (8:00 am)
Jeff Warren (9:15 am)
Jeff Warren (10:45 am)
En Espanol (10:45)