Easter 2017

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday | March 1

6 pm | Great Hall
The Easter season begins with a time of worship where we will hear from 7 staff ministers for 7 minutes each, taking us through the 7 last words of Jesus from the cross. It will be a unique and meaningful way to prepare our hearts for Passion Week when we celebrate the great love and ultimate sacrifice of our Savior for us.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday | April 9

9:15 & 10: 45 am | Sanctuary
Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra present
Saviour: A Modern Oratorio
The Story of God’s Passion for His People
Told through a rich, classic score, Saviour is the picture of God pursuing mankind from creation through the resurrection of Christ.
Celebration of Remembrance

Celebration of Remembrance | April 9

3 pm | Ellis Chapel
Our annual service for those who have lost a loved one. Reception afterwards in Ellis Parlor.
Good Friday

Good Friday | April 14

4 pm | Sanctuary
Silent Lord's Supper
The focus of our silent Lord’s Supper is for you to spend time in quiet, personal communion with Jesus – in prayer, reflection and thanksgiving for His great love and sacrifice by suffering on the cross for our sin.

Easter Sunday | April 16

6:45 Sunrise Service on Front Lawn
8:00 | 9:15 | 10:45 am Great Hall
8:00 | 9:15 | 10:45 am Sanctuary
10:45 am En Espanol in the Gym

Easter Sunday Family Activities on the Lawn

Food | Easter egg hunts | Special programs | Photo stations
Before & After Easter Morning Worship Services

9:15-11:30 am | Photo Stations are open
9:30, 10:10 & 11 am | Special program on West stage
9:50, 10:25 & 11:20 am | Preschool Easter Egg Hunt