The Prayer Ministry exists to encourage and guide each PCBC church member in living a life of prayer, both individually and corporately, and to make prayer a central part of every ministry and activity of PCBC.


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Value and Importance of Prayer

Prayer is the first priority of Park Cities Baptist Church. God is calling us to prayer in these days. Prayer is to the Christian what oxygen is to the lungs. God has given us the privilege of prayer so that we may know Him and know His will for our lives. He knows that we are unable to follow His path in the world apart from His power. It is through prayer that He is able to speak to us and hold us close to Him so that we might accomplish His will daily.

Why Pray?

We pray because Jesus told us to pray. We pray because Jesus Himself prayed. We pray as a church because it is impossible for the Body of Christ to know His will and have the power to accomplish it apart from prayer. This is why our pastor is calling us all to specific times of prayer as an individual and as a church family in order to attain greater levels of commitment in our prayer times.

Core Values

  • Relationship with God – We believe that prayer is the heart of the Christian life, being the primary means by which we communicate with God and learn to abide in Him.
  • Obedience – We believe that obedience to God’s Word requires our complete devotion to prayer, so that as a church we must become a “house of prayer,” and as individuals we must pursue a life of prayer and ever-growing intimacy with our Lord.
  • Love – We believe that loving one another as Christ commanded includes praying for one another. We believe that, through our intercessory prayers for one another, we can show ourselves to be Christ’s disciples by demonstrating His love to a watching world.
  • Evangelism – We believe that prayer is vital to the Church’s accomplishment of its Great Commission. As part of the work of evangelism, we believe that God has commanded His Church to pray for the sending of workers into the harvest fields, to pray for those who are engaged in proclaiming the gospel, and to pray for the salvation of every lost person.
  • Unity/Fellowship – We believe that, as the Body of Christ, we should pray together just as we worship together, and that unity and fellowship within the Body are built through times of corporate prayer as well as through praying individually for one another.


Barbara Loest
Prayer Associate

Prayer Room