Go Groups

Go Group Training

For many people being a disciple of Jesus Christ (or “following Jesus every day”) seems complicated and out of reach. For some it has become synonymous with just going to church.

Go Groups are designed to equip every believer with the skills to hear the voice of God (the Holy Spirit) from Scripture, sharing in community with other believers, to learn how to apply what God has said to real life, and to learn how to share what God is doing in spiritual conversations. These skills help to deepen and enrich our walk with God as we learn to follow Him every day. Not only will you learn these skills but you will also be able to share them with others and become a disciple maker.

Go Group training prepares you for a life time of disciple making (multiply). Training will begin on Sunday mornings, January 11th in Activities Building Room 211. It will be offered at both Connect Group (Sunday School) hours on Sunday mornings (9:15 & 10:45), and you will need to commit to at least four weeks. 

If you are interested in being discipled and becoming a disciple maker, sign up by calling Ann Roberts at 214-860-3949. If you cannot commit to Sunday am, please let us know of your interest as groups meet throughout the week.