Mission Trips

We believe it is also important to go around the world sharing God's rescuing grace and Gospel to others in the spiritually darkest places on the earth. So as a church we are active in Latin American, Africa and countries throughout Asia. We partner with local pastors and leaders to train up the next generation of pastors or help plant reproducing house churches. We have partnered to host large worship gatherings and mobilized the local church.

Our hope is that you will find a place with one of our global partners to share God's rescuing grace and help transform lives.

Please check back as dates and price of trips are subject to change. Trips are added as soon as they are confirmed with our partners. For more information contact the Missions office at 214-860-3916 or e-mail Missions Office



2017 Mission Trips

South Texas Family Spring Break Trip - March 11-15, 2017

Cost: Families pay for their own hotel accommodations, transportation to/from South Texas, and meals

Trying to decide what to do with your family for Spring Break 2017? Then please consider joining us on the Spring Break Family Trip to Donna, TX to continue our work with Iglesia Vino Nuevo/Donna and Pastor Ivan De Leon which we started a couple of years ago. We are in the initial phase of planning our projects for this trip, but they will include something for everyone like children's activities, women's ministry, construction and much more. This trip is for families with grade school and older aged children and is at the first part of Spring Break which leaves your family time for other Spring Break activities as well.

For more information please contact John Parker at 214-695-3663 or by email at jfpson@sbcglobal.net

Interest Meeting Sunday November 13th at 12:00 Room LL Collins Room 2. Refreshments will be provided.



Please contact John Parker at jfpson@sbcglobal.net or 214-695-3663 to be placed on the waiting list.




Guatemala Women's Trip - April 23-29, 2017

Trip Cost: $2000 includes flight, accommodations, meals

Have you been looking for a women only mission trip?

Our PCBC women's mission trip to Guatemala City is a life changing experience. We will work with our mission partner, Potter's House, who ministers to families, "Treasures", that live in and around the largest dump in Central America. Something very important in the Guatemalan culture for fifteen-year-olds is a quinceneria. These Treasures cannot honor their young women in this way without help. Potters House tells us that it would be a life-long memory for our women to focus on the young teens in their care and celebrate with them through providing this important cultural experience.

We will use this opportunity to disciple these budding women about who they are to God and how important it is for them to live out His unique purpose for their lives. We are looking for women who are willing to love, encourage, challenge and support young women to recognize their unique purpose in God's kingdom.

For more information please contact Debi Newman-Riesling at drnewman@pcbc.org or call 214-860-1560.

Interest Meeting Sunday September 25th at 11:30 in Reed 103




South Texas Men's Spring Trip - April 26-29, 2017

Trip Cost: team members responsible for transportation to/from STX, hotel accommodations from room block, and all meals

Interested in being “the hands and feet of Jesus”? If so, then this trip is for you! We will be partnering with pastors Victor Ramirez and Sergio Cuellar to serve in the colonias around their churches. Projects will include building and delivering beds for children, as well as other work and construction projects in the surrounding colonias. Men of all ages are welcome and no mission experience is required, only a desire to serve with other men in order to experience and share the power of the Holy Spirit.

For more information please contact John Parker at 214-695-3663 or by email at jfpson@sbcglobal.net

Interest Meeting Sunday January 15th at 12:00 in Room 2 of Lower Level Collins

Registration closes March 26, 2017


Guatemala Trip - May 3-8, 2017

  • Trip Cost: $1150 includes flight, accommodations, meals
  • Open to adults of ALL ages

You will have the opportunity to learn about and support our mission partner, Potter's House, who ministers to families, "Treasures", that live in and around the largest dump in Central America. You will discover that there are eight forms of poverty that exist not only in Guatemala but also in the US. You will partner with Potter's House and community members to build and repair homes. You will serve lunch to children who come for tutoring. You will visit "Treasures" in their homes and share the love of Christ with them. Most of all you will get to see a glimpse of God at work. Your life will not be the same when you step out in faith to go serve in Guatemala.

Registration closes March 1, 2017

Register Online


South Texas Married Adult Trip - June 21-25, 2017

CFC Con Poder y Gloria /Edinburg - Pastor Amell Trevino

Trip Cost: $635 includes airfare, hotel and ground transportation
This trip is open to any 20's-40's married adults.

Transforming Lives...Transforming Communities. You can help achieve these goals by being a part of the Married Adults Ministry Team that will be working with CFC Con Poder y Gloria and Pastor Amell Trevino. This church is part of the New Wine church network and is in a new colonia in Edinburg. Our Team will be involved in be several community outreach opportunities on this trip, including children's activities, women's ministry, bed ministry, construction/repair projects on the church and houses, evangelism and more. This trip is an outstanding experience to share with your spouse and is a great way to build the bonds of friendship by joining in service with your Connect Group. Please mark the dates on your calendar and consider joining us!

For more information contact John-Michael Kretz at jmkretz@gmail.com or (214) 244-3920.

Interest Meeting Sunday January 29th at 12:00 in Room 2 of Lower Level Collins 




Rwanda Trip - June 21-30, 2017

Trip Cost: $3800 includes flight, accommodations, meals

African Christian Outreach (ACO) is excited to be partnering with PCBC in Rwanda. The PCBC team will be helping host and lead a mission's conference for college students from universities around the country. These students represent the generation that was babies and small children during the Rwandan Genocide twenty-one years ago. Reaching out... reaching in, is still understandably a difficult concept to grasp. Generations were lost during the infighting and this generation is left to lead into the future.

The PCBC team along with ACO indigenous missionaries will be leading a series of practical breakout trainings, connecting missions and a marketplace mentality and encouraging each other with their stories of faith. The conference will provide opportunities for team members to invest in Rwandan university students and connect with them on a personal level.  The conference will seek to equip these young students to be more hirable while teaching Scriptural Truth and sharing the Gospel.  Some of the areas of need for these students are resume writing, interview coaching and personal finance.  ACO trains interns and key students to launch them back into their native cultures with the Gospel .

You can't fly around the world and not see the "other" part of Africa. A few days will be set aside to see the beauty and the wild of East Africa.

Registration closes February 21, 2017




Latin America Trip (VBS) - July 7-15, 2017

Estimated Trip Cost: $2800 includes flight, accommodations, meals

PCBC has partnered with First Baptist Church on the island for over 15 years. Every summer, our church provides the crafts for First Baptist's VBS. The children we serve are ages 5-11. We will split into three teams to explain and then help the children complete the crafts. The smile on their faces is priceless! There will be a morning and afternoon VBS. At the end of each day, we will have ministered to almost 1000 children and teachers. Its amazing to see how God is working in this country. Last year over 400 children made professions of faith!

This year we will be opening up the trip to high schoolers, accompanied by a parent, who have completed 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. We hope you and your family will prayerfully consider joining the team!

For more information, please contact Jessica Lamberth at jllamberth@pcbc.org or at 214-860-3916.

Registration closes March 7, 2017



Latin America Trip (Youth Camp) - July 2017

Estimated Trip Cost: $3000 includes flight, accommodations, meals

It's with great excitement we share with you that PCBC will be working alongside an island church for a week long Youth Camp. This is the 7th year PCBC has trained a local church on the island to bring together their teens, ages 13-19, to a fun filled week of sharing the GOSPEL and seeing treasures laid up in Glory. In addition, we will be challenging the youth physically, through games, activities, and group events. As well as encouraging the Christian youth in their relationship with Jesus. Would you like to be a part of what God is doing on the island? Spanish is not required for this trip. 

For more information, please contact Jessica Lamberth at jllamberth@pcbc.org or at 214-860-3916.


Guatemala: High School - July 22-29, 2017

Cost: $1600
Includes airfare, lodging, travel while in Guatemala, and meals.

For: Students who have completed 8th grade* – completed 12th grade.

Our high school students will be working with a ministry called The Potter's House (website: www.pottershouse.org.gt) that is an establish ministry in a poverty stricken country. Our three main areas of ministry will include working with the kids who live in one of the poorest parts of Guatemala City.  Second, we will be doing a construction project.  Third, we will be doing home visits to needy families in the area by taking groceries to them and sharing the Gospel with them.

Please apply ASAP.  Deadline to apply will be February 26. Scholarship forms are available after the application is submitted.

Interest Meeting: Sunday, February 26th 12:00 - 12:30 pm in the Loft

For more information contact: Melinda Moran Registration deadline Feb. 26

*This is new this year.  We are allowing students who have completed 8th grade the opportunity to apply for this trip.




South Texas Family Summer Trip - July 26-30, 2017

Iglesia Cantico Nuevo/South Donna – Pastor Manuel Gonzalez

Cost: Families will pay for their own hotel accommodations from PCBC reserved rooms block, transportation to/from South Texas, and meals.

South Texas Summer Family Mission Trip is open to adults and their grade school and older children. On this year's trip we will be partnering with Pastor Manuel Gonzalez in the Donna TX colonia working with his church, Iglesia Cantico Nuevo. Ministry opportunities will include children's activities (basketball sport camp), women's ministry, healthcare ministry, door to door evangelism, construction and much more.

For more information please contact Philip Price at priceisright10@netzero.net or 214/282-1996.

Interest Meeting Sunday, March 19th at 12:00 in Room 2 of Lower Level Collins

Register Online