Generosity Matters

Ministry Happens Here

PCBC offers a multitude of opportunities for our families and individuals to worship, serve and fellowship together.

Our Wednesday evening ministry, designed to strengthen families, will be re-launched in late August and will include our wonderful children’s choir program as well as Awana, the terrific discipleship program for kids. Junior high and high school students will continue with their separate discipleship programs.

In fact, there are opportunities for all life stages to be involved in ministry, including Go Training, worship and music, summer camps, sports and recreation, pastoral care, Bible studies, prayer, family and marriage enrichment, and many others.

Ministry Happens Here



Generous Living

PCBC is a church where our members live generously – making an impact in
the lives of those around them every day. We are involved in Greater Dallas Movement Day, which brings together like-minded believers in a growing movement to address the spiritual, social and humanitarian challenges facing people in the greater Dallas region.

Faithful prayer warriors meet regularly to intercede for those in our midst, around our city and around the world.

Volunteers visit those no longer able to participate in the life of our church.

Our Alms Ministry supports those who need
 a helping hand.

These, and many other ministries, enable our members to serve others in our church and in our community.

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Generous Giving

PCBC is one church family with many expressions of worship to glorify our Lord and Savior. From traditional worship in the Sanctuary to a contemporary style in the Great Hall, to our thriving En Español service and our intimate Chapel gathering – we offer a worship style that touches any soul.

Another expression of worship
 is through 
our generosity. We acknowledge that everything we have 
– our finances, our gifts, our time, our energies, our talents – is owned by God. We are His managers, His stewards, and all of our resources are His to be used for His kingdom and His glory.

God has uniquely blessed PCBC, and we are, in turn, called to bless others and radically transform our community and our world for His sake. Our giving is a joyful response to all that God has done for us in Christ.

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Generous Going

PCBC answers Jesus’ call to “make disciples” by going. And everywhere we go, we follow our proven ministry cycle by showing compassion, building relationships, sharing the Gospel and making disciples.

During 2015, more people than ever answered the call to go. More than 3,000 were involved in local ministry, and more than 300 served on mission trips. With Acts 1:8 as our guide, we serve as Christ’s witness in three general areas:

  • Jerusalem: areas where God is worshipped openly.
  • Judea and Samaria: areas that are under-evangelized and under-served and where churches need support. Our Judea and Samaria are in New York, South Texas, the Caribbean and Guatemala.
  • Ends of the earth: areas that are starved for the Gospel, the church hasn’t been established, Scripture isn’t available, Christians may be persecuted, and witnessing is opposed. Our ends of the earth regions are primarily in Nepal, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh and other parts of Asia.



Our Finances

In a very practical sense, our budget is how we
as a church manage the generosity of His people at PCBC. The proposed budget for the next fiscal year is $17,030,000, which includes:

  • $13,600,000 that will
depend on the continued faithful generosity of PCBC members.
  • $1,843,000 that will come from ministry fees for summer camps and other activities.
  • $1,587,000 from designated gifts previously given.
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Download the full PDF versionof the 2016-2017 PCBC Ministry Report

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