Men's Bible Study

Kingdom Man

Thursday Mornings | September 14–November 2
7:00 a.m., 3rd Floor Reed Building

September 14

A Kingdom Man and His Sin - The Fall of Adam Genesis 3
Today we look at Adam and the problem of sin. Too many men fall into sin because they do not understand the “anatomy of sin.” Satan seeks to steal and destroy and continues to target men who seek to live for God. We will look at Genesis 3 and learn how to identify Satan’s attacks so that we can overcome temptation and live victoriously in Christ.

September 21

A Kingdom Man and God’s Big Plan - The Blessing of Abraham Genesis 12
Abraham was a man God chose to begin His great dream of a family, the kingdom of God on earth and into eternity. Understanding God’s big plan is critical to being a kingdom man. Abraham was given the promise of descendants that would make up God’s family. Out of his ultimate family God would bless the nations. We now are members of God’s dream, to gather His family together and then bless the whole wide world. We do this in every aspect of our lives.

September 28

A Kingdom Man and Forgiveness - Joseph and the Art of Forgiveness Genesis 45
Joseph came from, arguably, the most dysfunctional family in the world. Out of that, God rescued him, used him, and blessed him. Regardless of a man’s past, God can restore us. Regardless of how we’ve been hurt or forsaken by others, God can restore. We can forgive others who have hurt us, all to His glory.

October 5

A Kingdom Man and His Calling - Moses and God’s Calling on Your Life Genesis 3
Every one of us have a calling that God has placed on our lives, uniquely to do His will. We must learn to discern His will and commit all that we are to Him.

October 12

A Kingdom Man and His Worship - David and a Life of Worship 2 Samuel 11
Every man must establish a life of worship. This is born out of heart for God, responding to what God has done for us. David was not a perfect men but he was a man after God’s own heart.

October 19

A Kingdom Man and His Redemption - Paul and His Conversion Acts 9
Paul’s dramatic conversion shows us how God takes our past and redeems it for His purposes. Paul’s past drove him to serve God in unique ways.

October 26

A Kingdom Man and His Restoration - Peter and His Restoration John 21
After his greatest failure, Peter was restored by Christ to become a disciple again. Even when we feel like giving up, Jesus has not given up on us.

November 2

Jesus: The King of the Kingdom Man Luke 9
Christ is King of a kingdom man’s life. What does it mean for Christ to be King? How can He be Lord of every aspect of our lives? The process of sanctification is a constant dying to self, until Christ alone rules every aspect of our lives. A kingdom man has given his life over the will of the King, and continues to die to himself until all of his life has been released to Christ as Lord.