What is a Boomer?

Many ask, "What is a Boomer, anyway?" Boomers (or Baby Boomers as some call them) are described by sociologists as those people born after World War II between 1946 and 1964. The Boomer generation is the single largest demographic group in the USA and includes 76 million people who represent 28% of the American population.

It has been said that you can consider the Baby Boomers as the economy of the United States. After World War II, much of the world was in need of goods and services. The needs were so staggering that it is considered as the largest shortage in peacetime. The U.S. factories which made war materials before began producing peacetime goods and materials for export. Because of the growth of the economy, education became cheaper and many people began attending colleges, and some took second college degrees. The increase in education and the higher incomes of families in this period made it possible for them to produce more children.

As one writer put it, in 2008, the economy IS the Boomers. The huge explosion in recreational vehicles is a direct response to empty-nest Boomers. The baby food market, the enormous growth in the variety and quantity of toys, the popularity of TV, and even Disneyland are direct responses to the Boomers.

The social impact of Boomers is immense. The CEO's of many large and influential companies are Boomers, as are the producers of most TV shows and movies, and many talk-show hosts.

Boomers will be on the political scene for quite some time. In addition, they will be the basis of the United States judicial system for years to come because every potential candidate for the Supreme Court for the next 20 years will likely be a Boomer.

As you can see, as a Boomer you are an important part of our society as well as our church community. Your wealth of knowledge and influence are felt in every area, and we are grateful for you. Please pray how God might want to use your gifts and talents in this ministry area. For more information contact Elizabeth 214.860.1542

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