Our Staff

Leadership Team

Jeff Warren rschell_staff.jpg

Dr. Jeff Warren
Senior Pastor

Rodney Schell
Executive Pastor


Cathryn Hulen Business Administrator chulen@pcbc.org 214-860-1515
Michael Adams Director of Safety & Security mjadams@pcbc.org 214-860-3957
Christina Andrews Administrative Assistant & Membership Specialist cmandrews@pcbc.org 214-860-1508
Valerie Bergstrom Wedding Coordinator (Part-Time)
vlbergstrom@pcbc.org 214-860-1531
Laurie Elkins Receptionist/Switchboard Operator ljelkins@pcbc.org 214-860-1500
Anthony Lopez Interim Director of Property and Services alopez@pcbc.org 214-860-1553
Nora LaPrade Assistant to Sr. Pastor nblaprade@pcbc.org 214-860-3972
Joan Melton Foodservice Volunteer Coordinator jdmelton@pcbc.org 214-860-1501
Carol Nick Financial Assistant
cinick@pcbc.org 214-860-1510
Gene Potts Financial Manager gpotts@pcbc.org 214-860-1512
Ann Roberts Assistant to Associate Senior Pastor asroberts@pcbc.org 214-860-3949
Kathie Smith Assistant to Executive Pastor kasmith@pcbc.org 214-860-1559
Karri Stackhouse Senior Financial Analyst
kjstackhouse@pcbc.org 214-860-1506
Wendy Waggoner Director of Human Resources wmwaggoner@pcbc.org 214-860-1511
Christian Whitehead Special Events Coordinator cawhitehead@pcbc.org 214-860-3945
Pat Wilburn Financial Analyst plwilburn@pcbc.org 214-860-1544
Dan Young Construction Manager djyoung@pcbc.org 214-860-1514


Connect Groups & Congregational Care

Dr. Kelly Hamilton Minister to Adults (30s - 50s) kahamilton@pcbc.org 214-860-1565
Dr. Nat Burns Minister to Adults (60s+) nsburns@pcbc.org 214-860-1535
Judy Collins Boomer/Sr. Adult Assistant jbcollins@pcbc.org 214-860-1533
Travis Cook Minister to Singles tgcook@pcbc.org 214-860-1690
Elizabeth Knight Ministry Assistant to Adults (30s - 50s)
ewknight@pcbc.org 214-860-1542
Barbara Loest Boomer/Senior Adult and Prayer Associate bcloest@pcbc.org 214-860-1551
Emily Martin Librarian elmartin@pcbc.org 214-860-1517
Dr. Jack Martin Minister of Pastoral Care cjmartin@pcbc.org 214-860-3901
Stacey Rauscher Administrative Assistant smrauscher@pcbc.org 214-860-1540
Laura W. Reese Boomer/Senior Adult Associate lwreese@pcbc.org 214-860-1599
Dr. Debi Newman-Riesling Minister of
Congregational Care
drnewman@pcbc.org 214-860-1560
Linda Wachel Librarian lawachel@pcbc.org 214-860-1517
Alex Wolfe Minister to College Students awolfe@pcbc.org 214-860-1694


Communications & Media

Robbie McCormac Director of Communications and Media rlmccormac@pcbc.org 214-860-3902
Steve Audish Sr. Graphic Designer/Web Administrator
smaudish@pcbc.org 214-860-1577
Derrick Chhay Graphic Designer dchhay@pcbc.org 214-860-1561
Tanner Holman Video Producer tlholman@pcbc.org 214-860-1598
Tim Scott Technical Director tjscott@pcbc.org 214-860-3903
Lori Swarner Communications Manager lhswarner@pcbc.org 214-860-1526


Family Ministry

David Huey Minister to Families dmhuey@pcbc.org 214-860-1578


Marty Lewis Minister to Preschool melewis@pcbc.org 214-860-1585
Jay Miller Minister to Children jbmiller@pcbc.org 214-860-3917
Cindy Farmer Childhood Education Associate - Threes – Kindergarten (Part-Time) czfarmer@pcbc.org 214-860-1519
Neva Knight Childhood Education Associate - Grades 1-4 (Part-Time) nlknight@pcbc.org 214-860-1523
Shannon McGee Mother’s Day Out and Weekday Child Care Coordinator skmcgee@pcbc.org 214-860-1520
Brenda Palmer Childhood Ministry Assistant bmpalmer@pcbc.org 214-860-1584
Ramona Randle Curriculum Coordinator rarandle@pcbc.org 214-860-3919
Meridith Royall Childhood Ministry Assistant mmroyall@pcbc.org 214-860-1521
Brandy Payne Childhood Education Associate to Babies – Twos (Part-time) bnpayne@pcbc.org 214-860-3922
Kim Senteney Childhood Ministry Assistant kasenteney@pcbc.org 214-860-1583
Farrai Smith Preschool Director fssmith@pcbc.org 214-860-1564


T.J. Marrow Junior High Student and Preteen Minister
tjmarrow@pcbc.org 214-860-1576
David Huey Interim High School Minister dmhuey@pcbc.org 214-860-1578
Melinda Moran Student Ministry Opr. Mgr. mjmoran@pcbc.org 214-860-1575

Sports Outreach

Damon Berry Minister of Sports Outreach daberry@pcbc.org 214-860-1571
Laurie Tharp Sports & Recreation Program Director lstharp@pcbc.org 214-860-1570



Ann Roberts Missions Administrative Assistant asroberts@pcbc.org 214-860-3949
Robert Herrera Minister of Community Care rherrera@pcbc.org 214-860-1562
RJ Holt Minister of Community Transformation rjholt@pcbc.org 214-860-1525
Jessica Lamberth Mission Volunteer Coordinator jllamberth@pcbc.org 214-860-3916
Sam Silva Minister to Park Cities en Espanol ssilva@pcbc.org 214-860-3918
Meg York Assistant for Community Transformation meyork@pcbc.org 214-860-1537


Worship & Teaching

Stephen T. Carrell Associate Pastor of Worship & Music stcarrell@pcbc.org 214-860-1547
Jan Cleveland Administrative Assistant for Worship & Music jmcleveland@pcbc.org 214-860-1549
Adrian Disch Worship & Music Associate - Bands acdisch@pcbc.org  
Karen Zukoski Interim Children's Choir Coordinator kzukoski@pcbc.org 214-860-1552
Sam Holm Associate Pastor of Teaching sfholm@pcbc.org 214-860-3900
Justin Hornsby Associate Pastor of Worship & Prayer jhornsby@pcbc.org 214-860-1548
Keith Meek Worship & Music Associate - Orchestra bkmeek@pcbc.org 214-860-1557
Denny Robinson PCBC en Español Worship Leader drobinson@pcbc.org  
Sarah Tew Administrative Assistant for Worship & Music sftew@pcbc.org 214-860-1546