The Church I See

"The church I see is a church of influence. A church whose message is so clear that lives are constantly being changed by the power of the Gospel. I see a church that is so large in its influence, the city of Dallas and the world cannot ignore it; a church that is growing so quickly that facilities and traditional methodologies struggle to keep up with it. I see a church whose priority is prayer and is constantly calling out for the power of God to transform lives. It is a church so committed to heartfelt worship and so devoted to oneness in community that grace abounds every time we gather. It is a church where all people are accepted and loved regardless of age, race, or background. I see a church that builds Christ-centered homes whose members are committed to on-going spiritual formation in their lives and are constantly devoting themselves to the ministries and mission of the church. I see a church so committed to raising, training and empowering a gift-based leadership generation that every member becomes a minister of the Gospel. The church I see is committed to establishing other apostolic churches and is devoted to caring for the physical and spiritual needs of the poor. I am believing that this will be our church to the glory of God."

Dr. Jeff Warren
PCBC - 2010